Complex isometric scene in 7 minutes

Look how you can create a unique realistic 3D room combining blocks, adding objects and shadows

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Introducing new realistic 3D devices and objects for your next design project

7 new colors
IMac 2021
Nintendo switch
5 new colors
Pro microphone
5 new colors
Apple Watch
Mechanical keyboard
Magic Mouse
Graphic tablet with screen
Air conditioning
Coffee cup
Graphic tablet
Mouse pad

Isometrica consists of classy 3D shapes

Explore the product before making a purchase. We put a big amount of high-quality 3D stuff here

  • 3D shapes from IT universe
  • 32 Pre-built scenes
  • 425+ Blocks & Objects
  • Catchy colors & textures
  • Easy-made shadows
  • Compatible with Figma

Realistic shadows that easy to apply

Each object has 2 shadows to look real and to present a natural isometric view

Convenient use in Figma app

Perfectly fits both mobile and desktop

Your projects don't have a chance to be boring or usual. Only gorgeous works for your audience

Full preview

Bright colors and catchy textures are combined in one 3D style of over 100 blocks and objects

Build a cool design project with Isometrica

It's time to create something really cool and attractive to make your design gorgeous



Boost your design using isometric shapes from our 3D constructor

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